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Exquisite Ruyi Lingzhi Dangling Earring

Exquisite Ruyi Lingzhi Dangling Earring


A pair of very delicate and beautifully carved ruyi lingzhi which symbolises smooth sailing, longevity and good luck in all aspects.


They are carved from a very special pair of highly translucent half icy half green jadeite. Each details are carefully crafted by our craftsman and to ensure that the green jadeite are kept to its highest value.


This pair of jadeite demonstrates the transition of spicy green to bright green and to icy colourless, like the flowing water energy. Hence, Jade Story sets this pair in a natural water flow designs with the add-on of water droplets.


Free from cracks. Perfect for special occasions and collection.


Concept - Modern Elegance


Natural Type A Fei Cui Jadeite Jade

Translucency - Highly translucent

Colour - Colourless and green

Carving type - Special carving of Ruyi and Lingzhi


Jadeite size - 35 x 15.7 x 2.5mm

Overall length - approx. 58mm


💯 Jade Story chooses outstanding jadeite in our collections to bring out the best of you.


📸 All photographs are taken on natural lighting near the window using iPhones. No enhancement or filter on all the photographs. Slight differences when viewing with different mobile devices.


💎 Jade Story 101% guarantee that all our products are Type A natural jadeite. Certification from Nanyang Gemological Institute, NGI (an established local gemologist on jadeite and gemstones) available upon request.


Do contact us for more information on our products, payment and delivery method.

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