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Jade Story is a Singapore Type A jadeite online store. 

Jade Story Singapore was founded by two jadeite enthusiasts. Besides loving jadeite, we love all sorts of jewellery too.

We do this out of passion. We love fun conversation, sharing experience and exchange knowledge with people with all walks of life about jadeite and jewellery. 

Do contact us for a chit chat!

About Us: About Us


We love jades and our passion is to share this interest with all jade lovers. With this in mind, we only bring in high quality Type A jadeite and share it with you at affordable price.

Each piece of our item here are carefully picked by us. We only select high quality Type A jadeite.

Our designs are modern, timeless yet sophisticated so that it bring out the beauty of you. 

In Jade Story, we guarantee full refund if the item you purchased is not Type A. However, we believe this won't happen in Jade Story! 

About Us: About Us
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